It’s a Nice Day for a Cream and Yellow Wedding

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Last weekend my Peruvian brother got married. He is sort of my brother, I guess. He doesn’t live at my house and I don’t really see him too much. He is 22. Let’s call it a shotgun wedding? Sometimes I feel so constrained by the fact that this blog is a public viewing area. In any case, despite whatever pre-nuptial circumstances may have existed, I found myself very much in wedding mode once things got cracking. I arrived a bit late, but was there in time for the dancing to begin. Everyone was sitting around in a circle in a large room with lots of cream colored and yellow decorations. My bro looked sweaty and nervous, but cute all dressed up. The bride really looked beautiful, and happily nervous. I generally am in no-makeup-no-jewelry-baggy-clothes mode in site, so everyone was surprised to see me actually put some effort into what I was wearing. So what I’m trying to say is, I looked great.

I was there with my German site-mate and pal Jessica. It was great having her there; I spent most of the evening dancing with her and avoiding the short, drunk, babbling (or all of the above) men who would mosey over to ask one of us to dance. Its frustrating sometimes, I’m dancing with some dude, and he keeps trying to talk to me, or invite me to go see the ruins, or the WORST is when he is trying to speak English (Huat ees yoor nay?). You must understand that at every event or party or small get together, the music is blasting at maximum volume. You can feel your innards vibrating within your chest and stomach. My spanish is good, but trying to understand a slurring spitting drunk Peruvian guy over concert-level decibels is near impossible. Uh, no moving closer until you are two inches from my face does not make the situation better. Furthermore, I generally do not really want to hear whatever it is he is going to say. Though, every once in a while a nice guy will ask you to dance who is smiling and bopping around to the music and that is that.

As I was saying before the dancing tangent, I was a little skeptical about the wedding because of the circumstances going into it. There are a few couples here in Peru with Peace Corps, and they are fairly young (early to mid twenties) and often people will assume right off the bat that they have kids. Why? Well, why would two people get married so young unless there was a kid on the way? That is not a blanket characterization of young couples throughout Peru, but they get those sorts of comments from time to time. Generally, especially in the small towns, a common factor that goes into the decision to get married is the impending and unplanned pitter patter of little feet. What an unromantic reason to get hitched. But then, in typical girl fashion, I was (temporarily) swept away by the first dance, the hand holding and stolen kisses, the proud parents, and the supportive friends, eager to get their hands on some beer.

I guess Peruvian weddings aren’t that different from the weddings I’ve been to in the states (all two of ’em): a chance to get dressed up, and there is eating, drinking, and dancing. If you are lucky there are cute kids running around doing cute things. Your (if you are a girl) feet hurt by the end of the night. The families breathe a collective sigh of relief that it is all said and done. You hope it won’t end in divorce. The end.



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The crickets here in Tucume freak me out. I don’t even know if they are crickets; they look like larger, genetically altered versions of crickets. But they fly. They fly right into your face, or your hair or onto your back. They came out of their caves back in January when the weather started getting hot, and despite the fact that I’ve been living side by side with them for three months now, they still make me jumpy. When one flies by, I do the body shake, and run out of the room or the house. When one flies into my face, I still scream. I’ll be sitting reading a book, and one will go crawling by. I’ll mentally prepare myself for the attack, but I still FREAK when one lands on me.”It’s just a grillo,” they say. Whatever. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. I don’t like killing them, because they are really big, and they make a loud crunch. That ‘crunch’ echoes in my head all day and night. If I get up the courage to step on one, with a cringe I anticipate the crunch, and usually back down.

Crickets: 1
Howard: 0

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