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img_0918.jpg I’m a 2004 Dartmouth graduate and am finishing up nearly three years with an energy trading firm to make a big switch and head down to Perú with the Peace Corps as a small business volunteer. This blog is in lieu of mass e-mails because I don’t like them, but would like to try and keep in touch.

‘Festina Lente’ is a Latin expression which translates to ‘hasten slowly’; I first heard it while reading a Calvino book called Six Memos for the Next Millenium. I think it is an aptly suited proverb for time in the Peace Corps where you have a mere two years to try to make a dent in development problems that have been decades in the making, and where both fastidiousness and urgency play a role.



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  1. Happy Birthday, Dunyellah!

    Miss you much! Stay safe, i.e. avoid rabid dogs at all costs. Even Ali (pronounced, Allie, Pam-0) was too much for you.


  2. your blog is amazing. i’m going to have to start writing something with a little more depth. you’re putting me to shame. you’re being all smart and stuff.

    it looks like you’re going well. i’m so happy. i will write you a letter soon!

  3. by the way, i also just read omnivore’s dilemma and loved it. thought about you.

  4. Hey D!
    I’ve been keeping up on your journey through the website! I hope you’re having a blast. Good luck with everything! You’ll have to refresh me on Spanish as you start to become more fluent! I miss you!

  5. Como son las cosas…días atrás buscaba información sobre Yanacoto y abriendo páginas, tras páginas llegué a tu Blog. Traté de entender algo más ayudándome con un traductor en línea y si.. eras la persona que pensaba. Mi inglés no es bueno pero si puedo entender algunas palabras si las pronuncian despacio. Te he visto trabajar en Yanacoto y sinceramente para quien conoce el tipo de labor que realizas y vive en este país como yo, realizas una labor encomiable y ahora puedo entender todas tus dudas y temores en cuanto a todas las cosas nuevas que estás viviendo y descubriendo cada día. Aquí se encuentra un amigo más para ayudarte y conversar más sobre este país y nuestra gente. Ah por si acaso soy Magno amigo de Juan Carlos dueños de las cabinas de Internet y encargado de revisar sus computadoras cuando fallan. Cuidate bastante Nos vemos..

  6. Danielle,
    you’re incredible! Loved reading about everything you’re doing! Will certainly pass it on to my family, what an inspiration you are. All is well in Long Island. Jonathan stayed in DC to work and take classes this summer. Spencer went back to camp to be a counselor (he is loving Penn State as well)! Have fun, be careful and always stay in touch! xoxo cousin Randi

  7. I’m still trying to step my “blog game” up. Tell me what you think…

  8. Hey Puss, you’re a terrific writer, and I already knew you were a terrific person. I checked a few of your entries, so an extended family member from the right would only suggest: people are good but also bad, and the burden is to carry both notions optimistically. The good part is surely fulfilling but can’t sustain 100% of life, it does one well to at least be aware of caution against guile and greed. Also some very hot peppers can make you lose a morning, you know?

  9. Do not read this weeks Redskins score.

  10. This may be redundant, but ask Ryan himself or someone to forward you his notes for his toast at Harris and Betsy’s wedding. It was brilliant!
    You may have heard the band, I would think the reverb hit Peru before bouncing back to my brain.

    OK, I won’t bother you until next time.

    Extended cousin Marty the Hun

  11. Hey Danielle, I am resurfacing as a new Mother in Law. Never so happy. Think of gaining Betsy as family and dumping H. Doesn’t get better than that. Don’t know if anyone shared it with you yet, but Uncle Mark got “Lit” at the wedding. Very entertaining. Not so funny when I had to wake him up and re-train him( was never very good at hook and eyes when sober) to help me get out of evening gown at 2:00am. wrong hour to go looking for help undressing in Fishkill NY.

  12. Having TG here tomorrow, Mark will no doubt be eatin lite again, so we’re at the ready. What are you and the other peace corps people doing, will there be some sort of celebration or meal, or is it a non-event down there? Julie is up with Nathan and the baby, Asher Cole, but tomorrow she’ll be splitting time between us and the inlaws. There is nothing left in Wegman’s.
    How is your work going? Are you feeling good about the program and its progress?
    OK, I’ll give you a progress report, and in case you’re not getting any stateside news, Hillary is pregnant, carrying Randi Weingarten’s baby I hear. Al Frankin is sharing the mike with Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus is treasurer at the NAACP.
    Watch the jalapenos and bonnets.
    your other cousin Marty

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