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The crickets here in Tucume freak me out. I don’t even know if they are crickets; they look like larger, genetically altered versions of crickets. But they fly. They fly right into your face, or your hair or onto your back. They came out of their caves back in January when the weather started getting hot, and despite the fact that I’ve been living side by side with them for three months now, they still make me jumpy. When one flies by, I do the body shake, and run out of the room or the house. When one flies into my face, I still scream. I’ll be sitting reading a book, and one will go crawling by. I’ll mentally prepare myself for the attack, but I still FREAK when one lands on me.”It’s just a grillo,” they say. Whatever. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. I don’t like killing them, because they are really big, and they make a loud crunch. That ‘crunch’ echoes in my head all day and night. If I get up the courage to step on one, with a cringe I anticipate the crunch, and usually back down.

Crickets: 1
Howard: 0


Uh, did I dream up that earthquake last night?

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There are tremors every few weeks here where you shake around a bit and maybe something will fall off the table but generally they don’t lead to any harm. Its run-of-the-mill for the Tucumeneans, but for me its always a little exciting. They generally happen at night when I’m in bed, and I’ve started dreaming about them. So it has gotten to the point where I never know if they actually happened or not, unless something got knocked down and is on the floor the next morning.

I have the weirdest dreams here sometimes. Usually I am back in my old life at DC Energy and everything is the same as it was except there is generally some new Peruvian twist, like adding ‘no?’ to the end of every sentence, or working in soles, or someone saying ‘Nice work, muñeca’ after I give a presentation. Sometimes I have dreams where I’m completely paralyzed; I’m lying in bed here in Tucume, wearing my same pajamas, and everything is exactly the same as when I went to sleep. Except I cannot move, I cannot talk, I cannot scream nor make a sound. I say to myself: ‘I must be dreaming’, and eventually I make myself wake up. Those only happen when I fall asleep lying on my stomach.

Occasionally I dream that it is unbearably hot, and there are flies everywhere, and there is cumbia music blasting at the break of dawn. I’m still waiting to wake up from that one.

My Chanukah Gift

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Yesterday my life took an entertaining new turn, my brother Christian (9) has taken to killing flies, which are in abundance now that it is summer, with his hand on a table or wall and then trying to wipe them on me. Though, I suppose finding one smeared across my pant-leg is infinitely better than finding one in my soup.

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