My Address

PCV Danielle Howard
Cuerpo de Paz Peru
Casilla Postal No 208
SERPOST Chiclayo
Lambayeque, PERU

If it is a package, avoid saying what it is and just put gift, and put a low $$ value for the contents. Sometimes it helps to write in red ink or put a religious symbol on it.



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  1. I don’t have a package to send. Aunts Phyllis and Nancy must do that, I’m too remote in the genes. But the religious symbol suggested for incoming treats: do we rule out menorah, dredel, a jar of Vita tidbits, mohel tools, yarmulka with propeller on top, mogen david? I need to know this.
    Nap time, later,

  2. Hi Danielle

    Life in NJ is great, but cold. We’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog and have been meaning to post something, anything…

    Mickey was home for about amonth from U Wisconsin and went back last week. He really loves it there and is president of ZBT, which at UW is a the nerdy-brainy-Jew frat. Pretty good for a sophomore and a rabbi-in-training.

    Alex is enjoying his job as the Deputy Finance Director for Congressman Chris Murphy, a freshamn Democrat from CT. His boss resigned and they can’t get a replacement for her yet, so Chris asked Alex to work in DC on and off. I have told him to contact his cousins there but knowing him, that is unlikely.

    Aliza is amazing and is almost 16. Her dancing just gets better and better and it’s wonderful to have her at home with us still.

    Ginny and I are great and were just thinking about you and your life in the jungles of Peru.

    Stay safe. You are making a real difference in people’s lives and we are very proud of you!

    With love,
    Cousins Jeff & Ginny

  3. SChweschderle, i didnt know about your homepage, i just searched sth about tucume in the internet and found our kids dancing in your video 🙂 ich liebe dich! your schweschderle

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